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We provide a secure supply of fresh, firm, and tasty blueberries and
cranberries to buyers around the world who value quality.

Fast Facts

Product Profile

The Farm

Meadow Berry Farms is located in British Columbia’s Fraser Valley about an hour from the international airport in Vancouver. Ideal soils and climate — with warm days and cool nights during the harvesting season from late June to October — have made the Fraser Valley North America’s largest producer of highbush blueberries. The half dozen varieties that we grow thrive particularly well on Meadow Berry Farm’s nutrient-rich peat soils. We also grow cranberries. They flourish in the Valley too, helping British Columbia (BC) account for 20 percent of the world’s supply.

The Facility

Unlike most growers, we also process and pack what we grow in our own facility before shipping. In fact, most of Meadow Berry Farms’ production of fresh and frozen blueberries and cranberries comes from our own fields. That lets us control the supply chain — and exercise complete quality control — from farm to table. Putting quality first has enabled us to build a network of loyal buyers from major supermarket and specialty food chains across North America, Europe and Asia.

The Family

Blueberries are in the Aujla family’s blood. We have been growing blueberries for more than three decades. Today three generations of Aujlas work in our fields and production facility. We’ve built a reputation as one of British Columbia’s premier producers, and our family members continue to be hands-on operators from planting through picking, processing, packing and shipping. We love what we do and are proud of our products.

Forward Thinkers

Meadow Berry Farms readily and steadily invests in innovation and infrastructure. We search out and adopt the best new varieties, best-growing practices and new production equipment and techniques to meet the changing demands of the market. For example, our weigh filler fills clamshells exactly to weight, not volume; and our tracing technology gives every clamshell its own serial number for total traceability. We are always looking for better ways to grow, process and ship fresher, firmer, tastier berries.

What we do

World Class Quality Products

A responsible producer

Meadow Berry Farms is certified by both the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), NSF, SQF Training and GlobalGap. SGS, an independent third-party monitoring firm, conducts the GlobalGap audit that covers both the field and facility components of our operations. We also do extensive education and training of employees to ensure safe food handling in both field and facility.

Sustainability in Field And Facility

Meadow Berry Farms has also implemented the Environmental Farm Plan Program developed by ARDCorp, the BC Agricultural Research and Development Corporation. The program’s Beneficial Management Practices enables us to improve our agricultural sustainability and do our part for a cleaner, healthier environment. We’re also focused on sustainability in our facility, where zero waste is our guiding principle. We reuse everything, using less than perfect berries for juice and composting leaves recovered from our cleaning process.

The fresh factor

Most growers send their berries to producers — sometimes miles away — at the end of the picking day. The unprocessed berries retain their heat and lose freshness by the hour. But Meadow Berry Farms collects fruit picked by hand every two hours and trucks it directly to our on-site processing plant’s chilling cooler’s. The sooner the berries are cooled, the fresher they stay. Our process for scheduled picking and prompt cooling takes more time and effort, but ensures that our blueberries are fresher and more shelf-stable.


Meadow Berry Farms’ whole processing operation is designed and built for speed with safety and quality. We can take your order, pick and cool berries within hours, and then process and pack in our state of the art facility for next-day shipping anywhere in the world. How cool is that? For frozen berries, our modern Instant Quick Freeze (IQF) technology freezes berries in minutes, locking in field fresh flavour while reducing clumping.

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